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Terms and Conditions


1. Area of validity

These terms and conditions are valid in trade between Pokerrouter (PR), owner Robert Puhr 8564 Krottendorf 244, regarding the use Internet platform Pokerrouter. Regulated in particularly is the use of the Internet platform by the providing casinos and the users.

With the use of the website under utilization of the available services the user validates the following conditions. The use of all other terms and conditions that differ from those outlined by Pokerrouter will only be allowed with written permission before their use.


2. Internet platform Pokerrouter

The website pokerrouter offers the casinos the abillity to inform users about current cashgames and tournaments, to place event announcements, advertisments, and banners as well as to accept registrations.

In addidion this website offers the user the ability to search for games/data, such as live cashgames and tournaments, and the potential to register on these.

Pokerrouter functions soley as a platform for the exchange of the above information, and delivery intermediate for sending and receiving registrations for cashgames and tournaments, including the display of such offers.

Pokerrouter is merely as an intermediary between the Casino and the user, and is not part of the contract between the two parties. Therefore, all contractual ties relate only to the terminating two parties (Casino and User)

The use of the website is exclusively for competent eligible adult persons. Minors are prohibited from using the internet platform (IPR). Pokerrouter has no possibility to verify user input data relating to age, and assumes no liability in this regard.

Clearly noticed in this context is that Pokerrouter (PR) is solely the technical intermediary for the exchange of content between the casino and the user.


3. Registration

Pokerrouter can be used only after proper registration. The user is responsible for the accuracy of reported data.

Access for casinos and the common user is free of charge.

The result of successful confirmation of registration by Pokerrouter is a license agreement between the user and the internet platform (PR) , and these Terms and Condidions are automatically binding.


4. Of the Membership Agreement

The internet platform PR offers casinos free access to this platform with the purpose of providing the user with information about current cashgames, tournaments, event announcements and exclusive advertising banners.

The internet platform PR provides all common users free access to this website with the intention of allowing them to obtain the information above.

The use of this website and the extent to which the individual functions and services are available may be subject to certain boundary conditions of pokerrouter. These include for example; the accuracy of registration data or proof of payment in case of paid services.

The negotiated number of users to the internet platform is limited and may not be extended. Access is not transferable. Any other use, especially by means of copying, due to parallel or alternate use on different workstations or for the benefit of various businesses or branch offices requires written permission. The use the internet platform Pokerrouter and its functions can not be 100% garanteed. In particular, technical defects, which may occur with Pokerrouter software providers, can not be excluded. Pokerrouter, however, is obliged within the limitations of technology to provide appropriate availability . Temporary limitations of use, caused by technical failures or the result of software or hardware defects, do not cause a restriction of the user agreement or a reduction in price.

Pokerrouter reserves the right temporaily to limit its service if needed. (For instance: The maintenance of or installation of new operation-, communication-, and database systems.)

Pokerrouter will not be held liable in cases of force majeure and in cases in which access to the internet platform cannot be granted due to reasons that cannot be influenced by Pokerrouter. Examples include, but are not limited to supply line or system failure

The use of PR carried out electronically via Internet. The customer is not entitled to a different access, delivery of patches, updates or data carriers, and in particular has no right to the source code.

Pokerrouter is always entitled to make modifications on the internet platform, in the context of further development and optimazion, as long as the essential perfomance characteristics are not limited.


5. Terms of payment

Any agreed fees for fee-based services and methods of payment are included in the license agreement between the casino and Pokerrouter and are there agreed explicitly. The agreed fees are net costs plus the applicable sales tax. Drafts and checks are not accepted. The payment is not deemed to be successful, unless Pokerrouter has the equivalent value at his disposal. Fees, bank charges, debt collection fees or other payments and incidental expences will be charged to the customer.

Unless it has been accepted or legally determined, the customer is in no case entitIed to counterclaims.

In case of delayed payment Pokerrouter is entitled to charge default interest with the rate of 8% more than the base rate p.a..

In particular, Pokerrouter has the right to deactivate user access upon default of payment until the payment is made.


6. Utilization by the customer

The utilization right by the cusomer limits itself to a correct access and appropriate use of the data provided through Pokerrouter. The customer is solely responisible for the corectness of the customer adjusted data as well as for the compliance of these data with customer relationship relevant laws.

Pokerrouter accepts in no way accepts any liability for customer-supplied data, content and information on the internet platform, particulary for the conformity to laws of this data and compliance with legal requirements.

The use of this information for other purposes, particulary bogus transactions, is prohibited.

The customer is obligated to continually update the entered data. Pokerrouter is not responsible for outdated data entered by the customer.

The customer may use the internet platform only for the exchange of information and to sign up for cashgames and tournaments. Furthermore the internet platform allows the casinos to place their casino information and advertising banners.

Pokerrouter may block access or restrict the right of use without notice for the following reasons:

- Contracts with other clients are not or not correctly fulfilled

- Contents are set which violate the relevant law

- Consciously giving false information when registering

- In the course of using the internet platform, rights of third parties are violated

- The customers obligations to Pokerrouter are not correctly fulfilled

- The improper use of the internet platform

- Using the website to generally offend against the interests of Pokerrouter or other customers


7. Duration and Termination

The agreed term of the contract between Pokerrouter and the casino shall be 3, 6 or 12 months. If not canceled in written form by one of the two parties within one month of the end of the contract period, the contract will be extendet automatically for this specific period.

The contracting parties may prematurely dissolve the contract, without giving notice, for an important reason. An important reason is particulary if:

- One of the parties becomes bankrupt or bankruptcy proceeding of the assets is opened. Application rejection may also occur due the lack of funds durring or after the opening of such bankruptcy proceedings.

- The customer fails to comply with his/her payment obligation despite fortnightly grace period.

- Violation of the law by one of the two contracting parties.

- One of the parties, due to violation of the law by the other, is claimed by a third party.

Termination must be in written form.


8. Warranty, Indemnity and Liability

Pokerrouter is not laible for services provided free of charge.

In additon, a liability of Pokerrouter exists only in cases of intentional or grossly negligent acts by their legal representatives.

Except in cases of intentional or grossly neglicant acts, Pokerrouter is not liable for indirect damage and lost profit. In addition, the liability is limited with the start of the contract to typically predictable claims.

Pokerrouter provides the access to its internet platform. Its the obligation of the customer to choose hardware, and software equipment in a way, that the access to the internet platform is possible.

Pokerrouter does not check the data entered by the customer either on its accuracy, nor its actuality, completeness or on ist legality. Pokerrouter assumes no liability in this regard. Pokerrouter assumes no liability for damage caused as a result of contractual relationship of its customers.


9. Written form

Statements are valid only in written form. Legally binding statements may also be made by e-mail, but only with corresponding confirmation of transmission.


10. Data protection

Through accessing the internet platform, user data are stored for security purposes. These data may be used for identification, however, no personal utilization will be used in this regard. Users may be evaluated for statistical purposes, but the individual user remains anonymous. In the case that data is passed on to external service providers, it will be ensured by technical and organisational measures that the regulations of data protection will be observed.

Personal data will be only collected, if volunteered by the customer during registration or by e-mail. The personal data of customers will not be provided in any form by Pokerrouter or authorized persons to third parties, unless the the customer has declared his consent or an official injunction is present.

The personal information collected will be used only to provide requested services by the customer. Personal information will be used for other purposes only after the customer has given his consent or an otherwise provided legal obligations exist.

The customer has the right to check all of his personal data and rectify any mistakes, if they are missing or incorrect. The customer is entitled to withdraw a given consent in the use of personal data at any time with future effect. Such a withdraw must be submitted in written form.

As long as no other judicial or legal obligations exist, personal data will be saved as long as it is necessary to perform service which has been requested by the customer.

Cookies are small text files that are cached locally in the internet browser of the visitor. They allow for recognition of the visitor in the internet browser in order to optimize the advertising offers and to simplify the use. These files are not used for personal identification for user of this platform. Most browsers are adjusted to accept cookies automatically. You can deactivate the storage of cookies, or adjust your browser in a way, that you will be informed about the placement of cookies.

Pokerrouter, who's security level is at the forefront of existing technology, can nevertheless issue no 100% guarantee that all transactions and data transfers are or will be secure. Other internet users are under certain circumstances technically capeable to intervene in network security and controll unauthorized the data traffic. The user is solely responsible for the safety of data transferred via interent.


11. Applicable law, Place of performance, Jurisdiction


Only Austrian Law, excluding all reference standards (UN-Sales of Goods, etc.), will be accepted for legal relationships between the customer and Pokerrouter.

Graz, Austria is declared as the place of jurisdiction.

Place of performance is Graz.


12. Other terms and conditions of the customer

Only the terms and conditions of Pokerrouter are applicable for relationships between Pokerrouter and the customer. All other terms and conditions that deviate from those outlined by Pokerrouter are in no way part of the contract and are therefore explicitly excluded.


13. Salvatory term

The invalidity of individual contract terms does not effect the validity of Pokerrouter's Terms and Conditions or any other resulting contract. Legally binding terms, developed to yeild the best business results and agreed upon by both parties at the conclusion of the contract, will, in the case of individual contract terms becoming invalid, come into effect. All other cases will be determined by actual Austrian Law.